e-sata drive not recognized in Win7 Explorer, but is in Decice Manager


  • I am having a problem using e-sata as well as USB and the Thermaltake Duet External e-sata.. It used to work just fine, then I updated to SP1 and no more e-sata in Windows Explorer, but the drive DOES show in the Device manager. Same with USB.

    I re-formatted and re-installed Win7, and e-sata worked just fine for months, then the same thing, no more e-sata or USB HD. I tried connecting via USB and the USB showed the pop-up balloon "Installing
    required drivers", Then "Western Digital 20 EARS  Successfully Installed"... but again.. nothing in Explorer, but it IS there in the device manager..

    Tech support hasn't been able to assist.

    All of my backup and storage is on the external e-sata drives...

    I am thinking of going back to XP..

    All drivers have been updated, with the exception of BIOS.

    I am running an MSI 890FXA-GD70 M/B and AMD PhenomII 6-core with 2 fixed WD 1TB Hard drives...

    Any suggestions..

    segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012 19:17


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