WMDC issues on Windows 7 PC"s



    Ok, going to post this again, this has been an issue for the past few years now since we moved to Vista, then to Windows 7, still having the same issues, only workaround we have is to re-image the pc off the network, then join network with Windows updates turned OFF. We have pc's all on Windows 7 now, using Trimble GPS units for our stakers ,but any windows mobile device has the same issues i've found here. When we have to replace the device because it became defective and we had to send in for repair, have to hard reset the device to give to another user, or when we tried to appy windows updates, or update the Service pack for windows, we lose the Windows Remote Device Adapter, the Trimble GPS device shows up in device manager as Geo Device and will not be recognized by Windows Mobile Device Center. We've tried hard resetting the device, plugging into different usb ports, changing out the usb plug, trying a different unit, uninstalling the device in device manager and reinstalling drivers, the drivers fail to install at that point, uncheck and recheck the usb advanced checkbox on the device settings, try running windows update and just installing the windows remote device adapter which fails as well. The user has full admin priviledges on the pc, i've even tried logged in as domain admin. This also happens on any pc that we have a trimble gps device on, we've called trimble with no luck, they couldn't help. The ONLY way to get the device back up and working for the user is to rebuild the pc from scratch OFF the network, install WMDC, reboot and put back on the network, and turn Windows updates OFF, which I don't like to do, but once we turn windows updates back on, we lose connectivity with the device and have to rebuild again, such a hassle. Not sure if the problem causing this might be something that's changed in the registry, or something in Group Policy maybe. If anyone knows where to look, please help, been fighting this for a few years now, looking to try to find devices that do NOT use WMDC as a connection method for syncing data. Thanks for any help. Jason
    sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012 15:51


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