MEDV Application Launch Speed When Connected to Network


  • Hi, I am seeking some advice, I'll try to give as much info as to try and pinpoint the issue...

    We have created a MEDV2 proof of concept and about to go out to trial and on the whole have been very happy with the way things are going and everything so far is promising.

    Our Med-V workspace is a Windows XP SP3 Professional machine patched with the latest Security Updates and configured to use the physical nic so that our host machine and the XP guest have their own individual IP addresses assigned from our DHCP server and NPS solution, we have no problem with this (incidentally the problem that I am about to explain also exists when we used shared networking NAT). We have also made some best practice changes like removing the boot delay.

    The XP guest joins the domain and acts as a domain member correctly, we can ping, UNC, patch the AV installation, deploy security updates via WSUS and manage via our software delivery tool 'Altiris'.

    We have 5 applications installed in the workspace, Microsoft Visio 2003, and 4 other custom applications (we have more to install but this is where we currently are). These 5 applications all come through to the Windows 7 machine via the start menu.

    When launching any of the applications from Windows 7 they all open, folder redirection is working as is USB key pass-through and printer redirection and the performance of the apps is fine. However, the strange bit where I am seeking help is that it takes 12-13 seconds to open the applications from Windows 7, this is if other applications are open or not so not a hibenate issue. If we disable the Windows 7 (host) nic or remove the network cable to simulate a laptop off the network and launch the applications from Windows 7 they open in under 2 seconds.

    Our endpoints are manufactured by HP with Intel NICS, I will post versions when I am back in the office tommorrow. I have uninstalled the NIC helper software and this hasn't helped. Also switched off the firewall and AV software. Has anyone experienced this? I intend to install our workspace on a Dell desktop to see if we get the same, but wanted to put it out there to see if there was anyone who may have the same issue...

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  • Resolved this one - ran filemon and checked the network filter when connected to the network vpc was trying to check and when network has disconnected it didnt. Within IE settings you need to do the following:

    1.       Click the Menu Start->Run, type Control Panel, and click OK
    2.       Double click Internet Options
    3.       Navigate to the Tab Advanced
    4.       Uncheck the Check for publisher’s certificate revocation under Security section

    now applications run when connected to the network as fast as when they are not.

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