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  • I heavily use Win10 virtual desktops, and have done since the early days of Windows 10.

    Last years' 1803 update broke it. Bringing up the task view (win-tab shortcut) used to be instantaneous, but was now 1-3 second grinds. I filed some bug tickets and rolled back to 1709, and was happy again. This is super important for me, because I swap virtual desktops many times in a single minute. 2-3 second lag is utterly feature breaking.

    Fast forward to the developer preview version. I built a brand new PC recently, and thought I'd try to see if the latest developer preview build had fixed the problem. It seems to still be present.

    What I know about it:

    • Swapping between virtual desktops is fine (control-win-left/right)
    • It seems to occur primarily on high DPI displays, including Surface tablets and laptops.
    • It gets worse and worse with more virtual desktops, and more windows
    • Broken on 1803 and 1809. Works on 1709 and prior.
    • Disabling timeline does nothing.
    • Fresh OS installation, brand new PC, still occurs.
    • Tried a variety of nVidia display drivers.
    • Disabling animations and going max performance mode in Windows doesn't help.
    • Dragging a window from one desktop to another can take 5+ seconds
    • Closing (using X button) a window from the task view screen can take 5+ seconds
    • Dropping the resolution down to 1920x1200 (native for mine is 2560x1600) and disabling extra monitors helps significantly, but there is still noticeable lag

    I believe this is very clearly a performance regression in 1803. There have been wide reports online from other users.

    Can anything be done about? Even a workaround?

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for sharing:)

    In addition, you can also try the built-in "Feedback" tool to submit the issue on your side.

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    terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2018 05:29
  • I have just noticing your problem also happened to me. Win10 Home Single Language Build 17134. Its more worst,every time I go to task view it going to freeze. It doesnt happen before.
    sábado, 23 de março de 2019 06:14
  • A year after this problem is still very much alive. I've a Lenovo Yoga L380, updated weekly with the latest driver updates using Lenovo Vantage and Intel's Driver and Support page.

    The lag is driving me crazy... It feels like I'm back in the Intel 386 days running Win95 with some shareware virtual desktop tool installed on it..

    What's the ETA for a solution?

    quarta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2019 13:36