Windows 7 Easy Transfer automation / scripting? (USMT)


  • Hi All,

    Does anyone know if it it's possible to run a weekly backup using Windows 7 easy transfer automatically?
    I absoloutely understand this isn't a 'full backup' per se but I would like one regardless (I am also performing other backups)
    I find that Easy Transfer manages to catch settings very well, also if my other backups fail, at least on a re-install it manages to restore a heck of a lot of settings quite well.

    I could manually run this but I find that idea annoying and inconvienient. Anyone know if it's possible?
    I've heard the the USMT (User state migration tool) uses the same 'engine' to do it's backup stuff but is it significantly more difficult to work with or could I easily use USMT tools to perform this backup weekly?

    I don't even care if I need to use a 3'rd party tool or just windows scheduler to execute a DOS command but I do want it automated.
    Anyone? thanks for your time.

    26 februarie 2012 10:02


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