long time to cancel copy

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  • 1. start copy a 4GB file to USB flash drive
    2. wait for 30 seconds
    3. click cancel

    takes at least 1 min to cancel

    however use teracopy

    or beyond compare

    cancelling copy stops copy in less than 1 min.

    this occurs in Vista & win7,
    XP is OK.

    use xcopy to copy files,  can cancel more quickly, but can't see progress of copy nor speed.
    xcopy d:\a.exe h:

    must be something to do with the GUI.

    even fastcopy has this problem.


    22nd Feb 2011 win7 SP1
    fixes this bug
    hopefully they will release a patch for vista or vista SP3?

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    17 iulie 2009 12:32

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  • I can replicate this problem on windows 7. The cancel takes for ever when copying a single large file to a USB drive. Anyone else had this problem, it's almost as if windows is finishing the copy and then deleting? I've found it to take much more than 1 min though often nearly 5 mins. Anyone from microsoft care to try this out or comment?
    8 august 2009 23:30
  • I have the same problem.  CANCEL takes forever!
    20 octombrie 2009 17:44
  • I think that's a known issue.

    Anyone has a workaround? is MS provide any KB for this?
    18 iulie 2010 13:30
  • I do have same issue!!

    Is anyone going to fix this most simple bug ever? This is realy frustrating when you copying 2GB file to USB drive and then you realise that is wrong one and clicking Cancel takes forever as it will finish copying to USB drive and only then will delete the file!!!

    11 ianuarie 2011 11:01
  • Is there someone can answer this question? Thanks.

    5 octombrie 2011 08:53
  • Usual bullshit. As someone looking after multiple sites with poor links this wastes so much of my time when copying installers and such. Hit cancel, can sit for HOURS on large copies.

    The existence of xcopy/robocopy or 3rd party software like teracopy is not a solution. This is bullshit, it's clearly a BUG but MS just ignore this kind of BULLSHIT?

    4 noiembrie 2012 22:17