Manipulate Opacity/Transparency in Windows Vista


  • Hi there.....

    After searching the inet I figured I will maybe get lucky through this forum.

    I would like to know if it is possible to change the transparency/opacity on Windows Vista windows. I would like to make them more transparent. So I am able to see whats behind the window more clearly.

    Thank you for your answers. It is highly appreciated.

    The Red Baron. 

    27 decembrie 2006 21:07


Toate mesajele

  • Me too !!!


    I'm guessing it cant be done...

    1 februarie 2007 19:51
  • Hi,


    Yea I also tried looking for a setting to change the opacity of window appearnace in vista but couldn't find it so with a little bit of googling I came acrross this link It lets you cange the opacity of any window to whatever transperancy level you like, eg. 1-100 % opacity.  Hope that helped. Bye

    2 februarie 2007 18:11
  • Never found a solution.

    Red Baron

    17 februarie 2012 22:56
  • There's a lot of 3rd party apps that will let you change opacity.

    Example - for Explorer windows - QTTabbar - besides being free and giving you a tabbed interface for Explorer also allows you to set hot keys for a lot of things including incrementally changing the opacity of Explorer windows

    And Windows will let you do this itself by right clicking on the top of the window -

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    19 februarie 2012 17:33