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  • Hello,

    On a Windows 10 x64 pro in a domain, i need to have autologon using wifi connection for a user who have never open a session on this computer.

    When i set wifi connection with sso mode to prelogon, the autologon (i use reg key winlogon) is not working and the computer is waiting for a username and password at startup. It show that i will try to conenect to the concerned wifi.

    The wifi connection use a username and password saved into the connection settings and is not dependent of domain username.

    If i set sso mode to none or postlogon, autologon is working as user is trying to be connected but a message said that there is no server available to validate my account. I have also try to add a scheduled that connect the wifi at startup and the same using gpedit but even if the script is correctly executed, the connection is not made.

    How can i set the wifi the be connected before the user session is opened ?

    Thank you.

    luni, 25 septembrie 2017 08:12

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