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  • Hello, I'm working with a company who make communication device for people with speech impairments. Windows 8 is used as the operating system and, among many others, the built-in camera app is becoming popular. The easiest way for most of our clients to use any program is with keyboard shortcuts so I've been given the task of figuring them out. I've figured out SPACE takes a picture, left/right scrolls through the pictures and +/- zooms. Does anyone know if there is documentation of others?

    sâmbătă, 8 martie 2014 05:09


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  • I also cannot find any other shortcuts in Camera app.
    marți, 11 martie 2014 03:26
  • SPACE takes a picture

    Won't that depend on what button has keyboard focus?  E.g. you can tab to any button and then press Space to action it.  Standard windows UI.

    Robert Aldwinckle

    marți, 11 martie 2014 16:56
  • Nope.  Don't you check these things out?

    Sure you can tab.. but not to the Movie button for instance..

    Tell the people who wrote it to add hotkeys to all the functions. Keyboards have 104 buttons.  Use them.  How about a Cortana interface for those of use with arthritis.  Standard windows UI, hardly.

    duminică, 5 iunie 2016 11:47
  • Heaven forbid Microsoft actually documents their own software.  Just let other custmers do all your tech support and documentation for you.  tsk tsk tsk

    luni, 16 septembrie 2019 22:00