Can we route a specific Website name resolution query through setting conditional forward in AD DNS RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Our requirement is that we want to send one specific website name query to some different DNS server like etc, instead of using Primary DNS Server configured in Network Card Properties.

    For example:

    Primary DNS Server configured under my LAN Card Properties is:

    Now, when I open any website from my machine my browser should queries DNS Server and then further queries Public DNS Server for example and this is how the query gets resolved and IE manage to open a Website.

    Our requirement is:

    When I should open a specific website for example, it should use Conditional Forwarder DNS Server instead of to open the website.

    To achieve this i setup Conditional Forwarder in my AD DNS, but somehow i felt it is not working, still queries are being handled by DNS Server instead CF DNS Server

    Did above scenario work as expected like all Internet traffic should be handled by NIC DNS Server and only Domain and Forests related DNS Names queries will be handled by CF DNS Server, or still we can achieve our requirement, any help would be highly appreciable.

    Best Regards, Ranjit Singh

    luni, 9 decembrie 2019 11:34

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