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  • I have a desktop computer and a laptop and both have the same problem, when I get to the login screen, and try to enter the username and password the computer rejects them every time. I have know options but shut down, or restart the pc! I have only used 2 passwords on that computer since I bought it back in 2012. I used to use a pin but the system rejects that as well. This login screen is new cause I’ve never seen it before, and there aren’t any options as none are listed. I’ve tried everything to fix this system but haven’t been able to. I always have problems or get problems with the boot files or user.dat files getting corrupted, but the thing is I don’t know how the get corrupted. One of Microsoft updates put this login screen on my pc, all I can do is try passwords but the system will never accept any of them! Tried reset, restore, and everything else MS suggests, but not one has ever succeeded. Tried recovery no luck. Had windows 10 on it originally but the boot files got corrupted some how, so I went back to Windows 8. Ran Sfc / scan now and it came back with no errors. The ran chkdsk /f /r and it found corrupted files and fixed all it could. Rebooted and got this screen that I can’t get passed. It is corrupted as well and it disabled my internet also. If I can’ t fix this pc I think it might be time to buy a MAC computer. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. The desktop is a Lenovo K430 ideacentre gaming pc.

    Thanks, L8R


    miercuri, 23 octombrie 2019 07:54

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  • Are you facing problem with login?

    Are you using Microsoft Account or Local Account?

    Are you selecting correct user account?

    marți, 29 octombrie 2019 15:57