Sharepoint site document - "Open in Word" does not work on some computers RRS feed

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  • I have some users experiencing problems when trying to open office-documents from Sharepoint sites. Our setup is Sharepoint 2016 and Office365-clients.

    The first problems appeared at the end of last year, but now we have a small increase in users.

    The same issue happens at both Excel and Word, and it happens in all browsers we test (also the new Edge). We run Windows 10 with Office365 x64 1909-version. All updates installed.  We have tried Online repair of Office365 to no luck at all the clients. The only fix we know works is to re-create the user's Windows profile. However, the users mostly don't want this as they have so many things setup in their other applications (like Autocad and such) so they are now living with this error and just hope that Microsoft will magically fix this in a future office-update.

    Do anybody have any suggestions on how to try fix this? Any help would be appreciated!

    joi, 10 septembrie 2020 15:24