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  • Hi all,

    Currently my company has non windows devices on remote sites doing DHCP for those sites. The problem I am seeing is that PTR records are not being populated.

    I am going to have a word with my manager so we can set DHCP relay for our internal Windows DHCP cluster rather than edge routers doing DHCP for some remote sites. But until then, is there something I can do to make DHCP/DNS work better when the DHCP server is non a windows server on the domain?

    luni, 9 decembrie 2019 12:22


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  • Are you running Windows PCs? If yes then do you have a reverse DNS zone created? If yes and your Windows clients are authorized to register then they should be able to register their own PTR records.

    If you replace your DHCP servers to Windows ones then you can consider this Wiki for the setup of secure DNS registration from your DHCP servers: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/21984.how-to-secure-dns-updates-on-microsoft-dns-servers.aspx

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    luni, 9 decembrie 2019 12:51
  • Hi ,

    Just want to confirm the current situations.

    Please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.                  

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    joi, 12 decembrie 2019 01:34
  • Hi Ahmed,

    Yes we are running Windows PCs and we do have a reverse lookup zone.

    It seems there is an issue with only secure updates when your domain functional level and forest functional level is set to Server 2008 R2.

    I had problems getting things into reverse DNS zone and to be honest i then ended up doing quite a few changes in DNS in mostly one go.

    1. Changed to secure only dynamic updates
    2. Implemented DHCP credentials
    3. Added DHCP servers into a PROXY group in AD
    4. Ran a command on one DHCP server because its also a DC
    5. Used Group Policy to tell clients to register A and PTR records because most clients are not on a Windows DHCP so was not sure if PTR would still work.

    But now the reverse lookup zone has expanded nicely and DNS is not completely goosed so think thats a win :)

    joi, 12 decembrie 2019 09:48