WIndows 7 Updates Restart Reopens Windows


  • Does anyone know what causes Windows 7 to do this?  When it installs updates and does a restart, it will reopen some of your windows such as Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.  Where is that setting?
    27 februarie 2012 20:06


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  • I beleive this is hybrid sleep setting in power savings options.
    • Propus ca răspuns de Bill - MCSE 28 februarie 2012 01:27
    28 februarie 2012 01:27
  • No, not that, its not going to sleep at all, just regular restart.
    28 februarie 2012 13:01
  • Hi,

    Maybe the sessions are not closed properly when restart and they are restored after reboot.

    29 februarie 2012 08:13
  • Hi,

    Have you set your office to startup with windows ?  You can check this by going to msconfig and check your startup applications.  If MSOFFICE is set to boot could you please disable this for now and so make sure office is not set to boot

    Before rebooting your PC run a cc cleaner  and maybe if this suits you also remove and reinstall both chrome and IE you can remove when going to control panel add or remove apps or type appwiz.cpl then right click windows apps icon

    Then reboot your PC after the reboot with MS office not actived to start up open  office ,,, excel winword whatever and repair MS office .....

    Then Change the setting in MSCONFIG again if you would like to

    Can i ask you what kind of office do you use like office 2010 or 2003

    4 martie 2012 20:29
  • I've seen it too, again I beleive its the hybrid sleep option.

    Regards, Bill

    18 aprilie 2012 21:11