The adapter without following ethernet mac generated #6 2nd how created at Device Manager ? RRS feed

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    Vista  6.0 pack II

    Deleted all adapters from shown hidden by Device Manager , Updated driver of ethernet.mac OEM getting the Vista connectable to internet.

    With along processing , there is none "physical int" mac identified adapter meantime appeared at renewed Decive Manager \ Network ? Number #6 adapter , can know how it made over there ?  Remove it effected anything ? 


    RCF3315 required to modify the Dhcpv6DUID from regedit whenever hardware changed , keep both new and old eth.mac to ipconfig \all monitored.

    Vista 6.2 pack II done many years, and recent couple feeling the network is not stable on connection / disconnection / shared like connection at time by time facing it?

    Would be the policy RCF insisting to network of OS windows 10 pro ?  Nothing compromised and working properly at the SDW, SDN as well vm so on upgraded multiple network environments ? 


    sâmbătă, 22 iunie 2019 04:16