Ethernet adapter not workng RRS feed

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  • Device Manager reports Netgear ethernet adapter, FA310TX not working. I tried to reinstall driver. Driver found but INF file not working.  What should I do?
    miercuri, 9 august 2006 23:55


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  • Please try to download the latest driver from the vendor website and install it.

    Most devices does not have Vista driver now.

    joi, 17 august 2006 18:58
  • The first thing I did was update all the drivers. This seems to be something Vista is looking for and can not find. Isn't there a way to log each step and identify what is not being found?


    luni, 16 noiembrie 2009 13:38
  • Your reply was to a post I made in 2006.  The current question is not able to upgrade Vista Ultimate 32-bit to SP2.  Etrror 800B0100.

    luni, 16 noiembrie 2009 15:21
  • Hi RichardWu,

    After looking at my last replay, which was a reply to my previous reply it occurred to me that you may not see the reply.
    You mistakenly answered an old question from 2006. 

    I am unable to install update SP2; I have valid license, don't understand why Vista Ultimate 32-bit will not accept the update. Can you trace the operation and tell me what it is looking for when it fails.


    luni, 16 noiembrie 2009 17:15
  • The adapter without following ethernet mac generated #6 2nd  how created at Device Manager ?
    sâmbătă, 22 iunie 2019 04:07