Win7 Registration


  • I have a genuine Win7 Home Basic Activation Southeast Asia. I have a genuine microsoft product and product code OEM Software F2C-00932 I have gone online many times trying to register trying  and have made sure that the key I am entering is correct but am advised that the key has an error by Microsft . I sent the disc and all the packaging back to the supplier in HCM(Saigon) they checked the key and said it is genuine and is working.

    I used to have a Win7 on my laptop that apparently was non genuine. I am not sure if all of it has been totally  been removed before the new licenced installation.

    How do I get rid of the old key registration if it is the cause of Microsoft rejecting my key registration as has been suggested by the supplier?? 

    11 июня 2012 г. 2:03