Failed to import password into Windows Live Messenger in Windows 8


  • I am able to import a user and password into Windows Live Messenger in Windows7 with create credential using below methods:
    1. Code way, I use CredWrite() to create a Credential, C++ code as below:


    crd.TargetName = _T("WindowsLive:user=****@hotmail.com");
    crd.Flags =  0;
    crd.Type = CRED_TYPE_GENERIC;
    crd.UserName = _T("****@hotmail.com");
    crd.CredentialBlob = _T("password"); //this is password
    crd.CredentialBlobSize = _tcslen(_T("password")) * sizeof(TCHAR);
    crd.AttributeCount = 0;
    crd.Attributes = NULL;

    BOOL rt = CredWrite(&crd, 0);


    2. Manul way, I open "Control Panel" -> click "Credential Manager" -> click "Add a generic credential", fill info as below:
        Internet or network address: WindowsLive:user=****@hotmail.com
        User name: ****@hotmail.com
        Pswword: password

    But in Windows8, the password is failed to filled with the two methods.
    Any one can help?  Thanks!

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    19 марта 2012 г. 3:16


  • It does not occur in our test environment. The issue should be caused by your system that may be corrupt. Try to restore the system. If it does not work, repair it with In-place Upgrade.

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    22 марта 2012 г. 5:56