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  • DEARS,

    i have 2 2016 exchange servers configured in DAG mode, i'm facing the following:

    all my databases are mounted on exchange A, and exchange B hold the passive copies, when i rebooted my exchange A server, databases failed over to exchange B. Now exchange B is holding the active copies, i realized when Exchange A is up again, after approximately 1 hour, databases are active again on Exchange A without my intervention.

    Even when i manually activate it the databases from A to B, after a while they automatically get activated again on A without my intervention.

    Is this behavior normal?

    Please advise

    thank you

    7 ноября 2018 г. 14:42


  • Hi eg1559,

    It is a normal behavior, because the active site has more vote than the passive site, so databases will be mounted on it.

    If you don't want active copy switch back to active site when this site restarts, you should configure DAC for your DAG.

    Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG2 -DatacenterActivationMode DagOnly


    Kyle Xu

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