Memory leaks- high memory usage svchost.exe


  • hello!

    im having a kind of a similar problem. Im using a Q6600 with 4Gb of RAM running on Windows 7 x64. My physical memory usage history is 1.75GB idle but my CPU usage looks good ~ 0%.

    In Windows Task Manager when i arranged the memory column, the process with the highest memory usge is svchost.exe with 116,572K. And i have 14 svchost.exe in my computer! I opened process exporer and check the legitimate of all those svchost.exe and they are all legit. When i look at the properties of the highest svchost.exe in process explorer, the services which is running under it is as follows


    AudioEndPointBuilder c:\Windows\System32\Audiosrv.dll

    CscService c:\Windows\System32\cscsvc.dll

    hidserv c:\Windows\System32\hidserv.dll

    Netman c:\Windows\System32\netman.dll

    PcaSvc c:\Windows\System32\pcasvc.dll

    SysMain c:\Windows\System32\sysmail.dll

    TrkWks c:\Windows\System32\trkwks.dll

    UxSms c:\Windows\System32\uxsms.dll

    wudfsvc c:\Windows\System32\WUDFSvc.dll


    All are legit DLLS.


    Is it normal to have 14 svchost.exe running at the same time(system, local service, network service in Task Manager)

    and how can i reduce the memory usage of the svchost.exe?

    7 апреля 2011 г. 17:32


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