Activex Web Application behave abnormally.


  • The issue have happened for months. I still can't find a solution to it. Please help.

    I have the web application written in C++ using VC++ 6.0 and early. 

    The web application consist of ActiveX control.

    In the early days, the program works perfectly fine. However, a few months back. The Application start to malfunction on IE. It runs prefectly fine on IE7 and IE8 on windows XP. However, I have problem running it on windows 7. The activex won't work on the IE8 on windows 7. It load for a while and hang. I have to kill the IE8 to closed it. 

    I found a workaround. But it will be better if I can permanently solve it.


    1.Run the IE and open my web application. 

    2.While it is loading, click on other windows or move the focus away from IE.

    3.Click on the IE again.

    The web ActiveX application will load.

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