Problem: Event BlueScreen


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  • Please post a copy of your dumpfile as a shared file to your Sky Drive with a link here.

    For advice on how to configure your system to create dump files please read:

    The dumpfile will be created at c:\windows\minidump. You may need to change your settings in Windows to be able to see the file. To show hidden files type Folder Options in the search box above the Start button and select View, Advanced Settings and verify that the box before "Show hidden files and folders" is checked and "Hide protected operating system files" is unchecked. You may need to scroll down to see the second item. You should also make certain that the box before "Hide extensions for known file types" is not checked.

    What is your computer make and model and model? If not a branded computer what is your motherboard make and model?

    Type System information in the Search Box above the start Button and press the ENTER key. What is your BIOS version and date?

    Hope this helps, Gerry

  • Hi,

    The error code 0x19 indicates that a pool header is corrupt. For more reference, please check Bug Check 0x19: BAD_POOL_HEADER

    To check the this issue, please locate the dump file in the \Windows\Minidump folder and upload it so that we can analyze it. Before we could get your Minidump files, you can check following:

    1. Whether you have installed updates or drivers before this happened?

    2. Scan your computer for computer viruses.

    3. Update all your drivers

    4. Test the issue in Safe Mode

    Furthermore, I suggest that you can contact Microsoft Customer Support Service (CSS) for assistance so that this problem can be resolved efficiently.

    Microsoft Customer Support Service (CSS)

    Hope this helps

    Vincent Wang

    TechNet Community Support