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  • Yes it was (along with Mail and Messenger). You can get all of these things improved for Win7 at:

    Ned Pyle [MSFT] - MS Enterprise Platforms Support - Beta Team
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    24 января 2009 г. 21:33
  • Are you saying that Movie Maker beta is an improved version of the Movie Maker already in Vista?

    Can you, you know, *edit* movies with the beta?

    24 января 2009 г. 23:00
  • Ned Pyle [MSFT] said:

    You can get all of these things improved for Win7 at:

    Movie Maker beta

    Having thought about it a bit, I worried that my previous comment was maybe a bit harsh and maybe Movie Maker beta had changed since I last tested it.  So, I downloaded it and installed it again and...

    ... my opinion hasn't changed: 'Windows Live Movie Maker beta' is terrible. 

    The lack of a timeline cripples it.  The timeline all what movie making is all about.

    Pretty much the only movie editing that MM beta lets you do is to remove an approximate amount from the beginning and end of a movie.  You can't trim out the boring chunks from Uncle Norman's 2 hour home movie marathon, you can't blend chunks of 2 movies together... in fact, you can't actually do anything worthwhile with it.

    Sorry. :(

    25 января 2009 г. 13:12



    You can try to manually install on Windows 7 to see if it works.


    Movie Maker 2.6


    At least, it works fine on my computer.


    Hope it helps.

    26 января 2009 г. 9:25
  • Hi,

    Yes, I've tried 2.6 and yes, it works, but it doesn't compare with the Vista-supplied one.

    For instance, I would want to use MM to chop adverts out of my ms-dvr files and 2.6 doesn't recognise Media Center recordings. :(

    26 января 2009 г. 17:56
  • Thank you Microsoft for removing movie maker from Windows 7 :)


    26 января 2009 г. 20:47
  • Yes it was (along with Mail and Messenger). You can get all of these things improved for Win7 at:

    Ned Pyle [MSFT] - MS Enterprise Platforms Support - Beta Team
    "New and improved..."

    Maybe everything on the list other than Movie Maker improved, but MM certainly has gotten worse. I would say this is the absolute worst iteration of movie maker I've ever seen. No timeline, no DV capture, no support for Media Center TV files (video seems to play w/o any audio), and NO EDITING. I took one of my video clips and tried to use the trim function. Regardless of how many times I trimmed a clip and selected "save" it NEVER applied the trimming. It was as if I was clicking on things and issueing commands and they were going somewhere else, as if into a gale-force wind, only to be blown back into my face as the WMM Beta team secretly snickers at my frustration ...

    PLEASE give us back Vista's excellent movie maker. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's completely 100% worthless now.
  •  U can this if you want vista's movie maker!!!
    1- Copy "movie maker" folder from vista's c:/progam files/
    2- Paste "movie maker" folder to windows 7 anwhere or in to "program files"
    3- Run MOVIEMK.exe
    4- if runing normal say THANKS
    5- my movie maker running and have all codec packs

    Thanks to Uurdan on another thread for the answer. It appears to work fine. Looks like I can edit just like in the "olden days" with Vista. This makes me happy. In fact, let me see if DV capture works again with this ....

    Nope it says "Class not registered." It sees the camera and lets me pick a folder and file name. Anyone know how to fix the "class not registered" error?

    Edit: FIXED!! Fix is here:

    Find the file linked on a post by Rehan named: reregdlls.bat

    Run that file, and you're good to go. I don't know if I'm allowed to post a direct link to the file here, but after this I was able to capture video successfully.
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  • Please, PLEASE, Microsoft...DO NOT remove Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7, it's a HUGE mistake.

    Windows Movie Maker is actually quite a good piece of software, and everyone agrees that the new beta Live version is absolutely terrible.

    I love all of the other Live programs, but there's no doubt that Live Movie Maker is awful!

    Please give us back Windows Movie Maker properly within Windows!
  • Apparently it 'bombed' at the box office..

    No, it's up there for download with the win live stuff which I refuse to use anymore because Microsoft employ 'censorship' on their blogs.  I mean a pair of ____ (see - bosoms has been censored here) in Idaho are not the same as a pair of ____ in Western Australia.

    God forbid anyone from MS chooses a holiday in the lovely village of ____ (Lucking), Austria.  And the Mayor ain't changing the name.  US troops in WWII pissed (peed) themselves when they came across it.

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  • I agree, removing Movie Maker and replacing it with Movie Maker Live was a terrible mistake.  I have been using Movie Maker for years to do home movie editing.  I understand that it will be easier to update Live Movie Maker in the future by decoupling it from the OS.  However it should be as good as the previous version before taking the previous version away. 
  • They removed everythign useful from Windows Movie Maker to make Windows Live Movie Maker.  Please, bring back the timeline, and if you're gonna have output be presets only, please please please have more than only two options.
    24 июня 2009 г. 1:33
  • Movie Maker is in good company with many other things that have been removed in Windows 7. I guess Microsoft was so concerned with the criticism on Vista being a resource hog that they had to "streamline" everything into something with two menu options.

    - Movie Maker gone - replaced with Live (more like Dead) Movie Maker
    - Windows Mail gone - replaced with Windows Dead Mail
    - Windows Media Player - many features removed in WMP12

    It's funny (or maybe irritating) because MS killed the competition with the policy of including all sorts of applications in the OS and now that only professional/expensive niche products have survived the competition against "free", we need to look around and find other options...
    24 июня 2009 г. 11:05
  • I'm guessing by the time Live Movie Maker is final it'll have most of the features of Vista Movie Maker.  After all, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Photo Gallery are pretty much exactly the same as their Vista counterparts except they included Live integration (remember when it was called .NET passport?  That was a long time ago!) and photo gallery has photostich built in.  Live Movie Maker is probably called beta right now more because it allows them to get away with it being ____ than because it is buggy. 
    24 июня 2009 г. 23:47
  • i still cannot export to anything but 480p rez if i do this.  any solution?
    18 июля 2009 г. 20:10
  • Windows Live Movie Maker is still tagged beta because it is the only Live application being rewritten from scratch, and thus needed more time in the oven. Windows Live Photo Gallery and Mail are mostly improvements on top of older applications.

    These blocks of text from a WLMM team blog post best encapsulat WLMM at this time:
    We also learned a lot by releasing an early beta of Movie Maker last year. People were surprised (or shocked, rather!) at the limited number of transitions, effects, and overall functionality in the program. We wanted to release the beta to start the conversation about the use of the ribbon and some of the overall changes to the software model, but in hindsight, the application just wasn’t useful enough for that. So, thanks for bearing with us as we’ve continued our work on Movie Maker.

    In the Movie Maker beta, the storyboard didn’t have the ability to represent time like a traditional timeline would.  We’ve heard you say that you’d like to be able to drag and drop clips to get them to start and end where you want, and that you’d like to have music and text that span multiple photos or video clips.  We’ve also heard that you’d like to – at a glance – see which clips are longer than others, which clips have effects applied, and which clips have transitions.  Now, I don’t want to give too much away just yet (we still have work to do!), but we’re definitely aware of these limitations. We’ve developed a new approach that we think will help address some of the shortcomings of the beta and will scale well from novice to experienced users without requiring people to switch views in order to get things done.

    I wouldn't say WLMM is bad, it would be more accurate to say it's not complete. 640x480 WMVs is all WLMM can do until version 1 is released later this year.
    18 июля 2009 г. 21:48
  • Out of beta version now available here:
    26 августа 2009 г. 15:54