Transparency problem with open windows on the desktop.


  • Windows 7 has some minor issues with the transparency of the top of a window, that shouldn't be there.

    Dragging the window below the midpoint of the screen shows perfect transparency. However, dragging the window above the midpoint of the display (here a ViewSonic 2035 at 1680x1050) causes loss of that translparency.

    You'll notice that the transparency becomes mottled with background low resolution 16 color mess.

    Any window will do it. Any background you choose will do it.

    All the best,

    9 января 2009 г. 19:27


  • This sounds like a problem with the video drivers, since some video card set-ups use separate pipelines for the top and bottom halves of the screen. If you're using the in-the-box drivers from Win7 Beta, you might try switching to the manufacturer's shipping Vista drivers and see if that helps.
    Wolf Logan, MSFT
    10 января 2009 г. 1:55

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