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  • I am swtiching over from Xp to Win 7. My major reason for not going in for Vista was non availability of outlook express under Vista. I lkie OE for its simplicity, speed, easy mail store to other mail software and ease of use the addr4ess book.
    What is available under Win 7? 
    25 июня 2009 г. 16:02


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  • Hello Sandhir,

    At this current point Windows 7 RC does not include an e-mail client.   Windows Vista had Windows Mail which is as easy to use or easier than Outlook Express.
    I do not know what e-mail program with be released in the final release of Windows 7 but in the meantime there are several good programs such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail.  And if these dont work to your liking there is always several 3rd party programs such as Thuderbird which I would say is on par with OE in simplicity.
    25 июня 2009 г. 16:06
  • Microsoft now makes Windows Live Mail as a replacement for Outlook Express/Window Mail. You can also buy Microsoft Office to get Outlook, or go with a third party solution like Thunderbird, like Scott suggested.

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    25 июня 2009 г. 17:59