Lifecam NX-6000 Error, Black Screen



    Help Please


    I bought a new Microsoft Webcam, a Lifecam NX-6000.  Installed it (download version 1.4 first, installed the software before I plugged in the webcam) and it worked fine for 10 minutes.   Then for some reason Live Messenger attempted to start, the Lifecam image went black and stayed black.


    A pop-up box displays when I try to start Microsoft LifeCam and on the pop-up box heading it says "Error".

    The contents of this box says:

    This device is experiencing known issues.  For technical assistance, please see the "Customer support options" Help topic in your product documentation."


    I am running Vista Home Premium on a fairly new Intel Quad Core computer.


    I got out the magnifying lens and the bright lights and read the "Customer support options" and it lists 4 items


    1) System requirements - check

    2) On-screen help - check

    3) -check

    4) - check


    I have checked all 4 of the above.  I have tried to find the answer. 


    I have tried to plug in the webcam to a different USB port.   It may work for a minute - then it quickly acts the same as before.


    Help please.


    Tony Matic

    23 января 2008 г. 22:45


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  • Hi,


    This issue may occur if the igfxtray.exe (Intel Graphics Tray Icon) is running. Please try to disable the

    igfxtray.exe process. To do this, follow these steps:


    1. Configure the computer for a clean boot procedure. Click Start, click Run, type msconfig and click OK.
    2. Under Startup Item, click to clear the igfxtray.exe check box if it exists.
    3. Click Apply, click Close, and then click Restart to restart the computer.
    4. Verify that the issue that you were experiencing does not occur again after you restart the computer.


    Also, the following KB article may be helpful, for your reference:


    The program stops responding or the preview does not appear when you start the LifeCam


    I hope it helps.
    Guozhen Wang
    Microsoft Online Community Support

    25 января 2008 г. 10:25
  • Thank-You Guozhen Wang for attempting to help me.


    I removed the igfxtray startup item and it did not resolve the issue.   This does allow for the webcam to start after a reboot - but it does not "stay up" for long.


    I also read in some problems/resolutions to remove Nero burning software - and I did that too.   No difference, still a problem.  I have tried to install 1.3 version of the Lifecam software and that was worse than the 1.4 - I kept getting an "assertion failed!" even when trying to adjust the resolution.   The 1.3 version did run for a few minutes  - in which time I noticed the camera controls actually worked.   In version 1.4, the pan - tilt, zoom in, zoom out don't work at all.  At least in 1.4 I can change the resolution.


    I did have a Logitec Webcam that worked - although the picture quality was grainy - but it worked perfectly for me.   I gave that one to my daughter and I bought this high-end, high-resolution cam which has given me nothing but trouble.


    I have also noticed that if I do a reboot - then start the cam it works.  If I go to the "Audio and Video Settings" - step 1 - cam is ok.  Sometimes during step2 and sometimes during step3 - the cam will stop and give a black screen.   Always before leaving step 3 the cam gets frozen.  Also - at all times most items are greyed out  - Low Light Compensation, Exposure, Focus, Aperture, Roll, Gain.   If I hit DEFAULT on both screens and come back to the main page - it shows "Initialization error...".


    Still looking for help.  Help Please.

    26 января 2008 г. 0:14
  • I just wanted to add that I think this must be a driver issue not related to any other software.

    The reason I beleive that to the case is that on a reboot, I can start the device, but if I use only the Lifecam software and use the Audio/Video menu - the problem manifests instantly.

    Question  - does anyone in this forum (a moderator ?) know what the next step would be to help get this resolved.

    27 января 2008 г. 23:08
  • Hi Tony,


    Thanks for your reply.


    I would like to confirm with you about the results of the trouble shooting steps which refered in the KB

  . Does that works for you?


    This KB included several methods which special to this kind of issue. Also there is a updated version, for your reference:


    Error message and the video preview does not appear when you start the LifeCam: "Initialization error"


    Hope it helps.

    Guozhen Wang
    Microsoft Online Community Support


    28 января 2008 г. 9:12
  • I could not follow all the steps - things are simply not there that are described.   I put in the details below:

    Adjust the color depth. Tried it and no change.

    Verify that the LifeCam is installed correctly.OK.

    Start the computer by using a clean boot procedure. Tried, no change.

    Reduce the graphics hardware acceleration setting. Could not find this setting

    anywere. Video is on board and it is Intel G33/G31. DirectX v. 10.

    Reduce the USB bandwidth. Followed the instructions there was no subkey 0000

    and no folder OV9650.

    Update the video drivers. Download and installed Intel driver, now using


    Determine the manufacturer and the model of the video adapter - Intel G33/31.

    Look for conflicting software. Don't know what to look for or how. THe only

    software running is Lifecam.

    Also this tells you to look at 929087. This basically is looking for an error

    code of 39 or 19 - neithor of which I have.

    I will repeat that the INITIALIZATION ERROR was only received using the 1.3

    Lifecam software. The 1.4 has not returned this error at any time.


    Same as 933310 except it adds:

    Reduce Screen Resolution. Tried it and no change.

    Monitor Redraw Rate was already set to 60 Hertz. No change.

    This one mentions to Reduce the USB Bandwidth to clear the Auto Mode Control.

    This is not available in 1.4 of the software - and - I don't think it was

    available in 1.3 eithor.

    Update Directx, I am already running Directx v.10.

    Now what?

    30 января 2008 г. 5:25
  • Hi,


    Thanks for your detail inputs.


    Let's perform a Clean Boot at first. A Clean Boot will allow us to isolate any device drivers or programs that are loading at startup that may be causing a conflict with other device drivers or programs that are installed in your computer.


    1) Run MSCONFIG.EXE.
    2) In the Services tab, click "Hide All Microsoft Services" and click "Disable All".
    3) In the Startup tab, click "Disable All". Click OK. (This will temporarily prevent third-party programs from running automatically during start-up.)
    4) Restart the computer. Does the problem still persist?


    If the problem does not occur, it indicates that the problem is related to one application or service we have disabled. You can use the MSCONFIG tool again to re-enable the disabled item one by one to find out the culprit.


    And you can find the graphics hardware acceleration setting at Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Display Settings\Advanced Settings\Troubleshoot\Change Settings.


    By the way, as I know, the newest version of Intel G31/G33 driver is version 15.7.3. Below is the link, for your reference:


    Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows Vista * 32 (exe)*%20Ultimate,%2032-bit%20version&lang=eng&iid=homepage+dc_gmad_vis


    Hope it helps.
    Guozhen Wang
    Microsoft Online Community Support

    30 января 2008 г. 10:07
  • Hello,

    Thanks for your help - but still no luck.

    I followed your clean boot procedure and the problem still persists.

    The startup list includes:

    Acer HomeMedia Connect Service
    ePerformance Service  (Acer)
    avast! AVS4 Control Service
    avast! Antivirus
    avast! Mail Scanner
    avast! Web Scanner
    eDataSecurity Service (Acer)
    NMSAccessU (CDBurner XP??)
    PC Tools Firewall Plus
    Cyberlink Richvideo Service (DVD Video - came from ACER)
    SBSD Security Center Service (Spyware tool - Spybot)
    Threatfire (Spyware tool - PC TOOLS)

    The graphics hardware acceleration - all goes fine till the last step where the "Change Settings" is greyed out for me and I could not change this setting.

    Finally, I downloaded and installed the video driver from your link.   The name of the package might be 15.7.3, but under the covers - the actual video driver is the same as I had already installed which is  And this too did not help at all.

    Tony Matic

    30 января 2008 г. 19:23
  • Hi Tony,


    Accroding to your description, I noticed that the scenario had been refered in on KB article, for you reference:


    The pan, tilt, zoom, and face tracking features do not work after you set the video resolution to 1.3 Mega

    Pixels on a Microsoft LifeCam


    You cannot see 1024 x 768 and 1.3 MP video resolutions in the LifeCam Dashboard


    In the LifeCam NX-6000 product overview, it said NX-6000 supports High Defintion Video that is 1.3 MP video or greater. So I would suggest that set the video to greater that 1.3 MP as a test.


    Also if your webcam had been bought less than 90-day, there is a no-charge special support channel, for your reference:

    Hope it helps.
    Guozhen Wang
    Microsoft Online Community Support

    31 января 2008 г. 7:41
  • Hi,

    As this thread has been quiet for a while, we assume that the issue has been resolved. At this time, we will mark it as 'Answered' as the previous steps should be helpful for many similar scenarios.


    If the issue still persists and you want to return to this question, please reply this post directly so we will be notified to follow it up. You can also choose to unmark the answer as you wish.


    In addition, we'd love to hear your feedback about the solution. By sharing your experience you can help other community members facing similar problems.


    Guozhen Wang
    Microsoft Online Community Support

    4 февраля 2008 г. 8:15
  • Guozhen,


    No this issue has not been resolved - not even close.



    I am currently in the middle of a business trip and don't have access to the Vista computer.


    Tony Matic


    4 февраля 2008 г. 12:34
  • Hi,


    Thanks for your feedback.


    And if there are any update, please feel free to post back here. I will happy to provide further assistant.



    Guozhen Wang
    Microsoft Online Community Support
    5 февраля 2008 г. 5:38
  •  Tony Matic wrote:
    I bought a new Microsoft Webcam, a Lifecam NX-6000.  Installed it (download version 1.4 first, installed the software before I plugged in the webcam) and it worked fine for 10 minutes.   Then for some reason Live Messenger attempted to start, the Lifecam image went black and stayed black.

    I suppose that your webcam software uses the VFW mode. You should make your webcam driver active under the Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win 32) driver or use the DirectX mode.

    If you don't know how to do this with your software, you may try software, using the 'Options > Video Source' hot button above the preview window.

    21 февраля 2008 г. 23:21
  • Hi,
    I followed unsuccessfully all hints in the previous threads. Is there any other action I can try ?
    thank You in advance
    25 апреля 2008 г. 21:25
  • Hi


    same problem no good solution.


    My cam usually doesn't work after a reboot or stops to work after an application (Live messenger) switch from a conversation to another.

    Light Compensation, Exposure, Focus.... have impossible values and when I hit DEFAULT all values became right but nothing is saved.


    Please update the driver!!!



  • Hello Guozhen Wang,


    You know I am still disappointed with both the webcam, the software, and the lack of support for the NX-6000.



    The above is a link from Microsoft stating in black and white that " A webcam without low-light adjustment is like a camera without a flash. All Microsoft LifeCams are • equipped with state-of-the-art low-light adjustment technology, so you can focus on your video conversation and not lighting. "


    This option is NOT AVAILABLE definately to me, and I would think most or all VISTA users.    How can you explain that the camera does not work as advertised?   What can be done and when to resolve this issue?


    I am not trying to be rude, but so far, the only aspects that you have focused on - in my words - trying to blame the NX-6000's issues on other software.   Guozhen, please be honest, can you please comment to me, do you think my issues are with a badly written device driver - which I beleive, or on what?


    What spurred me to make a further comment to you is that I have received e-mails from other owners of the NX-6000 with the same issues - asking if I had a resolution to the problem.


    Tony Matic

  • Hi Tony,


    I am sorry to hear that.


    Also, I would like to explain that my previous replies are some general trouble shooting steps for this kind of issue, which had been proved that can work on some symptoms. I think we should perfom those steps before going further.


    If those steps did not do any help, we may need to involve more resource to troubleshooting the problem and to determine what is the root cause. Considering this issue may due to hardware driver, I would like to suggest that you go to the following newsgroup which would be the most relevant resource for this issue:


    Discussions in microsoft.public.mshardware.product


    Hope it helps.

  • Hi,

    I am using Lifecam NX-6000 and i have done an silly error. I did not expand the camera and the camera was inside the shell giving me black screen. I figured it out after a while. I thought someone in the world will face the same problem like me.   That's why posted this.

    Have a nice day!

    O.S.Senthil Nath

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    13 августа 2009 г. 20:40
  • The Nx-6000 Driver can be downloaded from the below link. I had the similar issue and old software that comes with the Cam doesn't work sometimes. By downloading the latest version it should work fine.

    Just adding incase if some one wants to download the New driver for Windows 7
    17 ноября 2009 г. 4:52
  • Tony,

    check for programs installed by the name of in add or remove programs and uninstall if you find them and check

    EarthLink TotalAccess
    Venturi VClient
    Pinnacle System's Studio 9 software
    F-secure Internet security
    Web Cyber Coach Dell
    AOL or Yahoo toolbar
    Fix it Utilities

    24 ноября 2009 г. 4:17
  • Hi,

    I am going to be crazy. I have problems with my webcams VX-2000 too.

    I am trying to connect 2 webcams VX-2000 simultaneously to a PC for video surveillance.

    Sometimes, and I don't know why, the preview in Microsoft Lifecam software is blank (black).

    The only way to resolve this problem is to disconnect and reconnect the Webcam that is malfunctioning and then the preview displays the real image.

    And after many time (I don't know how many: it seems to be a random problem) the problem is coming back and I am far away from the PC: I am connecting to it with Logmein, and with Logmein it is impossible to disconnect and reconnect the Webcam.

    I have already tried all what I found on the net about this problem:

    Nothing works for me.

    I have tried on many configurations and the results are:

    •           (Acer Aspire X3910) Pentium Dual Core E5800@3,20GHz + 4Go RAM + Win7 64 bits + 2 Lifecam VX 2000 simultaneously – The Problem is present
    •           (Acer Aspire X1920) Pentium Dual Core E6700@3,20GHz + 4Go RAM + Win7 64 bits + 2 Lifecam VX 2000 simultaneously – The Problem is present
    •           Pentium Dual Core E5500@2,80GHz + 2Go RAM + Win7 64 bits + 2 Lifecam VX 2000 simultaneously – The Problem seems to be not present

    I have many theories about this problem, tell me what seems possible to you or what do you think about my problem:

    1-      The combinaison Win7 64 Bits + 4Go RAM + 2 Lifecam VX 2000 simultaneously is malfunctioning

    2-      Acer PCs have some running programs that are the reason of this problem

    3-      The USB Hub is not powered enough for 2 lifecams VX 2000 simultaneously

    4-      The USB Hub has not enough bandwith for 2 lifecams VX 2000 simultaneously

    Please, help me.

    22 февраля 2012 г. 13:07