Unable to delete Storage Space "Access is Denied" 0x00000005 RRS feed


  • I solved the problem for me.

    Again... No file lock on the storage pool and no application is doing anything with this virtual disk. But it's not possible to remove it from storage spaces. This has nothing to do with ownership of the drive, access rights or an access of a process. I had a clean windows setup with no programs installed. I'd say that this is a bug of windows!

    Anyway here is my solution:

    * Opened an explorer with "Computer" open.

    * Opened "computer managment" and selected the storage list.

    * I selected the storage pool which I wanted to delete but wasn't able to.

    * Right click -> format... I think I have chosen NTFS but it's not so important...

    * Warning that the drive is in use (what a nonsense) -> yes yes ok

    * waited a few seconds until the bar with the free space disappeared at the "Computer" folder for this drive (on the explorer).

    * stopped the format process. some error msgs that this couldn't be canceled and then he said he couldn't finish... (wtf ;))

    * then back to the storage spaces overview... manage storage spaces... delete storage pool... pool disappeared... finish

    hope this helps someone

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