My grandparents computer prints test pages, and from applications OTHER than from notepad.


  • Their desktop had a borked copy of Windows7 that some kid had installed.
    I took that machine offline and gave them an Ubuntu 12.04 machine, and had cups/samba printing working in minutes.

    Her laptop is running windows 7.  I shared the printer from the Linux, and searched for network printers from Win7, and it found it and appeared to work fine.

    The only issue now, is that  their HP Photosmart C4150, does not print from Notepad, or the sheet music website, but all other printing seems to work!  It prints from Word, Chrome... IE...

    It is set up as a network printer, using the HP 4100 driver.
    Word prints.

    Google Chrome prints.

    It does print the sheet music if the computer is directly plugged into it the printer, and I select the correct (local) printer.

    It does not print the sheet music over the network on the same printer as everything else works with.

    I tried re-installing the printer drivers on windows, and on Linux, and that did not make a difference.

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