Add mobile broadband profile using netsh gives "Invalid Profile XML" error RRS feed

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  • We're trying to create an automated installation to upgrade to 8.1 Pro soon and since we have our own APN at our provider, we'd like to add this using a script. However when I try to add my XML profile using netsh mbn add profile interface="Mobile broadband" name="profile.xml" I receive the following error: Add Profile Failure: Invalid Profile XML.

    I've found some Windows 7 topics regarding this issue, pointing at the encoded Subscriber and ICC id's in these XML files. I have already found the unencoded values with netsh mbn show ready * and added them to the XML file, but still no dice :-(

    This is my XML file:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    <MBNProfile xmlns=""> <Name>My Company Name</Name> <IsDefault>true</IsDefault> <ProfileCreationType>UserProvisioned</ProfileCreationType> <SubscriberID>123451234512345</SubscriberID> <SimIccID>1234123412341234567</SimIccID> <HomeProviderName>vodafone NL</HomeProviderName> <ConnectionMode>auto-home</ConnectionMode> <Context> <AccessString></AccessString> <UserLogonCred> <UserName>username</UserName> <Password>p4ssw0rd</Password> </UserLogonCred> <Compression>DISABLE</Compression> <AuthProtocol>NONE</AuthProtocol> </Context> <DisplayProviderName xmlns="">My Company Name</DisplayProviderName> </MBNProfile>

    I've removed all existing mobile broadband profiles from the system, netsh mbn show profiles shows an empty list so it's not a naming issue. I tried removing the XML version header from the file (a lot of examples of these XML files don't have it), leaving the Subscriber and/or ICC ID empty, removed them from the XML file but nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have some other suggestions?

    16 ธันวาคม 2557 16:30