eee pc 1005HAB Windows 7 recovery via USB


  • I'm trying to re-install to factory settings for the Asus eee pc 1005HAB via USB flash drive since I do not own an external optical drive for the recovery disk the computer came with. The F9 Recovery will not work. I have successfully created an iso disk image using the "ISODisk" program and loaded it onto my 8GB flashdrive using "ISO to USB". I can then boot this flashdrive. The Asus recovery CD/DVD  program loads up and i can choose a partition or whole  HD to recover to.

    Then a popup appears and prompts "Please insert the Recovery CD/DVD and then click OK!". Is there any way to get around this without finding an external optical drive for the recovery disk?

    To recap, this is for the factory settings with Windows 7 Starter that it came with. Not the XP OS that some versions came with.

    28 กุมภาพันธ์ 2555 1:40