How to sysprep WIndows 10 for multiple brand computers RRS feed

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  • I work in IT in a large School. I am having a difficult time sysprepping a new Windows 10 image. I was able to do this up until Windows 7 but something changed in Windows 10. So, I need to know the steps to create an image and then sysprep it for deployment to 200 machines. The bigger issue is that we only had one model (HP Elite Desk 800 G1) when I did the successful Sysprep two years ago but now, in the past couple of years, we added the G2, G3 and now the G4. I am sure the chipset has changed since the original G1. 

    What is the correct way to accomplish this? I obviously cannot have the drivers of the G1 pre-installed or the other machines will blue screen. Am I supposed to create an image without any installed drivers and simply create a drivers folder for all machines in the drive. I think what I really need is a universal image that would work with most models. I am sure this is a lot to ask but this task is on me and I have to figure it out.  Thanks for any input you can provide. 

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