After upgrading my DELL precision 670 with just released SP1, hibernation no longer works


  • After upgrading Windows 7 to SP1 in DELL Precision 670, hibernation no longer works, meaning there is no hybrid sleep and no hibernation. There was NO hibernation problem before SP1. If hibernation turned on, the screen goes dark and the computer waits for something indefinitely. If I press the power button, it just turns off right away. On boot, it starts Windows 7 SP1 from scratch.

    I also tried to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 Sp1 using this image:


    to no avail.  The computer did not seem to write anything on the disk in the hibernation file at all.  I had hybrid sleep turned on. With the fresh Windows it just turned off very quickly and then started from zero when I pressed the power button.

    Nicholas Popov
    22 กุมภาพันธ์ 2554 3:00