How to merge partitions in Windows 7 ?


  • I’m assuming D is just a data partition and doesn’t contain the page file, boot files or a second operating system. If so, merge the partitions by removing D and extending C, as follows:

    1. Back up to an external device any important data on D and, optionally, move the same important data from D to C.
    2. Right-click Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management, then right-click the graphic of the D partition and select Delete. The partition returns to Unallocated for a Primary Partition or Free Space if it‘s a Logical Drive within an Extended Partition. Delete the partition if it is an Extended partition.
    3. Now right-click the graphic of the C partition and select Extend.

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  • Merging partitions is not possible with built-in tools. Third party sowftare like Partition Magic might do the trick. But I would not recommend it: you would still have to make a full backup so you won't win any time. BurrWalnut describes the procedure to delete D: and extend C: with Windows built-in tools.

    However: consider other solutions too.
    *Moving user data to the D:
    *Creating a mount point on C:
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  • Thanks you BurrWalnut and SenneVL.

    I follow the steps that you give me and.
    I make it only one partition.

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