Where does file go when created by one user and deleted by another? RRS feed

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  • I need to recover a file created by "USER1" on "PC-R" which was deleted by "USER2" on "Terminal Server"

    "USER1" scans a file to a folder in her profile on "PC-R" (Windows 7)

    "USER2" remotes into "PC-B" (Windows 7), connects to "Terminal Server" (Windows Server 2012), navigates to "USER1" folder on "PC-R", views the file, then deletes it.

    Where did it go?

    Have looked in:

    "USER1" Recycle Bin on "PC-R"

    "USER2" Recycle Bin on "PC-R"

    "USER2" Recycle Bin on "PC-B"

    "USER2" Recycle Bin on "Terminal Server"

    "USER1" Recycle Bin on "Terminal Server"

    Where else should I look?

    Thanks for any help

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