Windows 10 1903 getting black screen when logging off or switching users RRS feed

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  • Hi, I am an IT support technician here in the UK.

    I have an HP 440 i7 laptop with the new 1903 build. When either logging off or switching users, the circle of dots appears for a few seconds and then the screen gore black. Nothing seems to allow you to get out of that state except using the power switch to power cycle the machine.

    I have updated and tested HP graphics drivers, latest Windows updates, the BIOS, removed Cisco Anyconnect, which showed a couple of events in Event Viewer and run Diags on the hardware. Nothing has made any difference. Powering off or restarting works fine, logging in is fine. Everything seems to work fine when logged in, but as soon as you try to switch or log off, bye-bye...

    Any ideas folks?

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