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  • "Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070001"

    This error comes up durring the expanding files stage of installation. Always at 57%. I have burned the dvd twice now, both times at 4x. And both copys work fine on my desktop.

    I read a post about reseating/changing the ram, wich i have with no results.

    Im running a dell latitude d820 2g, intel core 2, 250g hd
    Why wont this f*n thing work
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  • Ok so here it is. using bits of advice from everyone, i managed to work around this issue and install win7. heres what i did.


    Extracted the iso to a folder using winrar

    copied the contents of the folder to the empty(or so i though) flash drive and put it in the laptop.

    turns out there was an old grub bootloader on the drive, but this didnt seem to interfere with the installation.

    I booted vista on my laptop and inserted the flash drive, autorun started and i started the installation. I did a complete install, the computer restarted and now seems to be working fine.

    Although this does not fix the issue, if anyone else has a problem, this worked for me.


    As far as using a dvd, i have burned 2 dvds of the iso at the slowest speed(4x) both worked in my desktop, niether worked in my laptop. I use this drive for burning alot, and it has been very reliable burning iso's, the only time I ever had a problem with it was burning cd's from itunes(shame) and now i dont use itunes anymore

    Why wont this f*n thing work
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