Clients looking at wrong DP servers. RRS feed

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  • We recently added a new MP/DP to our second domain, to ease traffic going through the firewall. We have adjusted the boundaries accordingly, so now Boundary Group in DomainA only have DomainA servers and Boundary Group in DomainB only has the one Server.

    When we try and build devices on any boundary in DomainB, after the PXE booting stage, the SMSTS.log shows:

    "Using user defined MP locations: http://<DomainA_MP_DP>; <DomainA_MP_DP>"


    "Error received 0x80072ee2 from WinHttpSendRequest"


    "socket 'connect' failed; 8007274c"

    Can't get the log file, as it in a test Vm setup. I have a ticket logged with Microsoft, but they seem stumped. It should be using only the one server in DomainB.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


    Matthew Currie

    19 พฤศจิกายน 2562 9:24