Custom Activity - Using an existing connection RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    The background...

    I am just embarking on Orchestrator, and whilst probably biting off more than I can chew, I want to look in to development of my own Integration Packs.

    I have come across the SDK reference and am really just playing about at the moment.

    I am a SCOM person, but am looking to automate some common requests that I get for which I haven't come across an existing OIP for.

    What I am looking for...

    I can't seem to find in the SDK reference how to make use of an existing connection (within the Options Menu) such as the connection to our SCOM Management Group which is included with the Operations Manager OIP.

    As I say, I am just learning at the moment, but when I write the code to perform the activity, whilst I am slowly working through the Activity inputs etc, I want to then make a connection to the Management Group but I don't know how to connect to the existing Ops Manager connection.

    For example, lets say I want to create a task to remove an agent from the SCOM Console (not uninstall the agent) and I am (for now) taking in an input of the netbios computer name.  This will then use the existing connection to SCOM and perform the code to do this.  Maybe I am overthinking it, and I know that I could just use a PowerShell script task to achieve this, but I want to learn the coding myself.

    Any help on this would be great, but also since I am learning all of this, if someone can point me to a good site, or a good reference guide that expands on the SDK, or even some video resources that discusses at this level, that that would be fantastic, since I want to try to work out a lot of this myself rather than keep coming asking questions :-)  Or at least get to know the basics first!

    Thanks In Advance


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