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  • I recently installed a new Motherboard in an existing system and installed Windows 7 Pro on it instead of Windows XP Pro that I had on the previous motherboard.  The system  included  a Adaptec 39390D SCSI card and 4 ultra320 SCSI drives.  I downloaded the drivers for this card from Adaptec, there site says the driver is compatible with Windows 7.  I then went to Device Manager and clicked on, clicked on Storage Controllers, Adaptec 39320-based Ultra 320 SCSI, and clicked update controller and received driver installed message.  Device Manager now shows  "This device is working properly.", but  the drives do not show up in "Disk Management" were they showed up in previous installations on Windows XP Pro, for Importing.   The BIOS display during startup shows the controller and the connected drives.  This seems to be problem with Windows 7 Professional.  If I made a mistake in installing the Adaptec driver would someone please tell me how to correct the problem.

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  • Typically, and I could be wrong about this, you want to also update other drivers such as the Chipset (which the SCSI card may be plugged into as on onboard device) which will also be needed in order for the SCSI drives to be seen.

    Did you install Windows 7 using installation media or did you use a deployment mechanism like Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to deploy the OS? If you used MDT, you can pre-package the device drivers (Adaptec drivers included) into the deployment to allow the drivers to be installed during the initial install of the OS and not in the OS. This method is recommended to be used for plug-and-play driver installation. 

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