I Need Help! My Windows Vista Is Crazy!


  • Windows Vista

    Started about a two years ago when windows sidebar vanished from the computer and won't even load from startup. About a year ago the System Restore function does not work and brings up a error saying that "volume copy service is not working properly" and doesn't load anythink, i've been alert 99999999 times to upgrade to windows vista service pack 2 but everytime i go to install/download it fails and comes up another error...

    recently my computer has started functioning properly and now shuts down randomly and doesn't boot correctly, crashes and doesn't load to monitor, I have to reset the CMOS battery "5 times" before it appears again on screen but then promoted with "BIO's settings have been changed."

    Just wondering is there even any help for this broken computer or would it be best in the bin?

    21 พฤษภาคม 2555 11:50