DTC connection problem from windows 2003 virtual pc to Win 7 host


  • I have a windows 7 64-bit computer with a Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise edition virtual pc.

    Security policies in my domain require that vpcs not be allowed to communicate outside of the host computer. I have communication working between the host and virtual server via the loopback adapter and using the hosts file to define ip/server names. The vpc has a local account with the same account name name and password as my domain account.

    Communication appears to work well generally (I can access the SQL server on the vpc from the host - and reach shares on the host from the vpc). However, I cannot get dtc working properly. DTCPing succeeds from host to virtual pc but when I run from the windows 2003 vpc to the host I get the following error:

    09-19, 17:00:20.269-->Start RPC test (SE51126-BTS1-->se51126)
    Problem:fail to invoke remote RPC method
    Error(0x5) at dtcping.cpp @303
    -->RPC pinging exception
    -->5(Access is denied.)
    RPC test failed

    MSDTC on both is configured 'No Authentication Required'. Inbound & outbound are turned on.

    DTC is started(and restarted) on both.

    The windows 7 fire wall is configured to allow Private/Domain/Public access to all existing DTC rules inbound and outbound.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to do to get dtc working from the vpc to the host?


    23 กันยายน 2554 7:30