Microsoft keyboard Turns Off By itself RRS feed

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  • I have the same problem to all my pcs !
    my keyboard is the  , Microsoft  wired keyboard 200

    so it goes like that.

    When i don't use my Keyboard  after 6 seconds all the leds go off

    when i press a key they goes on again .

    the thing is that sometimes you need to press a key 2 Times to make it start.

    I use windows 8.1

    This is a problem for me and i gues to all gamers that use the same keyboard like me cause When i want to press the key "A" in a game i want to press it just once not 2 times

    Dunno If you heard about this problem again but it is a bad one

    this will happen even if i am playing a game and don't touch my keyboard for 6 seconds

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  • Figured it out if anybody is searching and comes across this. I'm on windows 8.1 and using the wired 200 Microsoft keyboard.

    Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers

    Right click on your USB Keyboard, go to Properties, then the Hardware tab.

    Highlight USB Input Device (this is the part that doesn't show up under Device Manager) and click on Properties. Click on Change settings.

    Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'

    That should do it. The keyboard wont shut off after not using it, and it wont shut off from holding down a key for 5 seconds. Kind of ridiculous why that is checked by default.

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