High CPU utilization by "System" process


  • One of my managers brought to me his netbook for maintenance, because according to him it is rather slow recently. Process Explorer shows constant high CPU utilization by the "System" process.

    These troubleshooting steps were taken:

    • Disabling the antivirus does not solve the problem.
    • Process Explorer shows multiple ntkrnlpa.exe!KeInsertQueueDPC+0x265 threads using massive amounts of CPU time.
    • After disabling the Atheros LAN network card the CPU usage immediately drops to normal level.
    • Stack walking using Windows Performance Toolkit shows L1C62x86.sys being at the end of the tree, however upgrading/downgrading the driver does not solve the problem!

    Has anyone got a suggestion what should be the next step from here?

    Could somebody with more experience and understandig about analyzing performance traces please take a look on this trace file? Maybe the solution is obvious from the trace for an expert. Here it is.

    Thanks in advance!


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