Computer Browser (Browser) Service missing RRS feed

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  • I was directed by a response from the support centre of Microsoft to check a PC which was unable to see other network computers in the Network tab in File explore.

    They suggested that a number of services should be changed to Automatic (Delayed Start)

    These included

    a. Computer Browser (Browser)

    b. Function Discovery Provider Host (FDPHOST)

    c. Function Discovery Resource Publication (FDResPub)

    d. Network Connections (NetMan)

    e. UPnP Device Host (UPnPHost)

    f. Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRPSvc)

    g. Peer Networking Grouping (P2PSVC)

    h. Peer Networking Identity Manager (P2PIMSVC)

    On the machine I was having trouble with there was no service named Computer Browser (Browser).

    I checked the other PC and found the service there, but it would not allow the Start type to be changed giving an error message.


    The delayed auto-start flag could not be set.

    Error 87: The parameter is incorrect


    My question is why did the two PCs  have different settings and in one case a missing one?

    The two PCs were updated to Win 10 Pro 1803 but by different methods. The problematic one by allowing the Windows Update to 1803 to proceed and then applying all the available cumulative and other updates to proceed. The one with the error 87. by using the Windows.iso setup.exe to run and allowing any updates to be found and applied.

    The other changes appear to have fixed the problem of not seeing other machines on the LAN.

    Alan Cameron

    2 มิถุนายน 2561 8:20