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    Dear Ronnie:


    Thank you for all the wonderful links! I've not explored them all as yet, but I will be sure to do so as time permits.


    I visited the first link, "How NTFS Works", then did a search for "maximum number of files on ntfs volume". The first article I encountered as a search result was "Maximum Size Limitations" ( In this little article I found my answer!


    In short, the absolute limit on the number of files per NTFS volume seems to be 2 at the 32nd power minus 1*, but this would require 512 byte sectors and a maximum file size limit of one file per sector. Therefore, in practice, one has to calculate a realistic average file size and then apply these principles to that file size. Nevertheless, the answer, even with a very large average file size, is "tons of files", or "you probably don't need to worry about it", so that's cool.


    I'm glad that there is no fixed artificial limit imposed by the OS programmers, but, rather, that the limit is one imposed by the mathematical constraints on the physical media, as partitioned and formatted under NTFS.


    Thank you so much for your amazing input, Ronnie. I look forward to reading and learning from more of your posts!





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