Why does Flash drive plugged into router depict in Win7 as a network shared folder named with the flash drive's serial number, but on Macs it depicts with its volume name? RRS feed

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  • When I plug a flash drive into the USB port of my Arris cable modem/wireless router, why does it appear on my Windows 7 computer as a network shared folder ridiculously named with its 63-digit serial number:


    ...whereas when accessed by Macintosh PCs on the same network,  the same network shared folder correctly appears with my user-specified volume name:

    Network\ARRIS-LGW\USBStorage\My 256GB Flash

    Arris Techs seem to lack the in-depth knowledge to answer this question....they simply claim it's a Windows problem.

    Logic tells me that Windows is demonstrably capable of depicting this kind of NAS by either serial number or volume name - so why would Windows 'decide' to serve up a serial number name to Windows PCs but serve up a volume name to Macs?

    Or, is it Arris' own firmware programming that's at 'fault' -  if so, what terminology do I need to use, to properly ask Arris or other manufacturers which of their products depict router-mounted USB devices by their volume names?

    10 กรกฎาคม 2562 19:52