Moving AppData directories to the /users/public directory.


  • A while back I remember reading someplace that it was possible to move some of the program directories from c:\users\default user\appdata\roaming or local to the c:\users\public directory. The effect being when a new profile is created those directories do not need to be copied to the new profile but they are still accessible by the program because it will find them in the public directory, thus speeding up the creation of the new profile.  And I remember the document went on to say you could not/should not move all of the directories because some core windows processes would not be happy, and some non-ms programs would be as well. 

    Now I never got around to actually trying that and I cannot find the website/document where I had read about this.  Has anybody else tried this?  Does it actually work?  What are the steps?   

    This document was not about customizing the default profile settings,  it was about making it smaller but not impacting application functionality. 

    I am trying to streamline and speed up the new profile creation step on our Windows 7 computers. 



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