unknown file without a name or extension


  • i just upgraded to windows 8.1 it was great until i tried to delete the stupid Winows.old folder everything else got deleted by the disk clean up but there is one file without a name or extesion it has 401 kb as the size i tried taking the ownership and tools to delete at startup to no avail i get the 0x80070091 the directory is not empty when deleting with windows explorer the problem is that the action center get a messege that there is a disk error and want to check for it after a restart and chkdsk won't run if i do it finally i used the windows installation media of my old windows 8 and got sckdsk running with the command prompt with the parameters /r /f /x but it didnt work iether so how do i get rid of it. the file is from the old windows\syste32

    last thing is windows store and a few default windows apps close right away after clicking them.

    i restored a system image to windows 8 and its there in the system32 folder i will try deleting from safe mode later.

    that didn't work it iether saying its in use by another program even in safe mode or you need permision from (hoever the owner is) even if its my user that i am logged in with.

    is there a way to delete it from the system image?

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  • well guys i finally got it fixed i used my free media center key to get the media center edition installed then i followed how to revert to the normal windows in this link if any one has this issue the file without the name got deleted by the installer new windows.old and the temp folder is gone now the link is:

    Eight Forums

    Thanks for everyone that helped in this question.

    one thing i forgot i installed without the go online to install updates now on the first installer page.

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