Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter - pairing fails on many laptops RRS feed

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  •  We are looking for a wireless mirroring option for our school classrooms that is not too expensive so we bought one of the MS Wireless Display Adapters to try it out.  We tried it on three different model laptops with Windows 10 and an older Surface.  The older Surface (Windows 10 on it) worked.  However, the three laptops did not.  It acts like it is connecting, shows the machine name on the screen, and then after awhile says the pairing failed.

    Two of the laptops are newer HP Probook models and one is a Daktech laptop that is not too old.  I updated the wifi and video drivers on the laptop but it didn't make a difference.  The MS Adapter has the latest firmware on it.  Windows 10 is current versions.

      I have tried a number of different things I found online to try with no success. 

      Any ideas?  Does Microsoft provide actual phone support for these?  
      Or do these just stink, and if so, has anyone found a better alternative that is not too pricey?

    Thank you!



    19 กุมภาพันธ์ 2561 15:59