Monitor GB usage by IP RRS feed

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  • Hey all.  Hope I am posting in right sub-forum.  I have home network with "standard" devices.  Desktop PC, couple of laptops, streaming TV's, Xbox, kids tablets, cell phones, etc.  Amazing how much stuff is connected these days!  We have a generous data plan through Comcast, but I still like to keep an eye on total monthly GB.  The last couple of weeks, our usage has spiked a bit higher than normal but nothing has really changed.  Good news is I have reserved IP addresses through router interface.  What I'm looking for is a simple utility to MONITOR those IP addresses.  Trying to figure out which device is pulling all the data.

    Does anyone know of such a utility, or is it harder to do than I think?  Preferably freeware, but willing to spend maybe $50 or so if it's a REALLY good tool that does other stuff too.  I've poked around on google, but all the stuff I can find is meant for corporations.  $1,000's of dollars for annual subscription.  I don't need anything with remotely that horsepower.  Just a simple IP device monitor.

    Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.


    12 ตุลาคม 2562 3:13